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Powerlines Energy Germany is a general contractor for Transmission line infrastructure. The main services provided are:

  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Planning & engineering services
  • Line routing
  • Mast earthing & assembly/installation of Transmission masts
  • Dismantling & removal
  • Assembly & installation
  • Site coordination, site management and the coordination of subcontractors on project sites
  • Quality control and work safety regulation compliance inspections
  • System commissioning
  • Maintenance & servicing
Operators of energy production plants and power supply infrastructure place strong emphasis on safe, smooth-running operations and on the avoidance of accidents and system failures. We are a service provider our customers can rely on. Special situations often require special solutions. Our teams find the right solution for every problem encountered on site, and our know-how and wealth of experience enable us to guarantee that every project runs smoothly, however common or unusual the project might be.